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Журнал ПОЛИТЭКС - политическая экспертиза

Журнал ПОЛИТЭКС, 2010, N 2, Contents Печать
Political Expertise Jounal, 2010, Vol. 6, N 2, Contents

Page of Scientific Editor …5

Political institutions in modern Russia

Zaznaev O. I. Organization of State Power in the Republic of Tatarstan: Problems and Contradictions …7
Mansurova G. M., Lukshin D. I. Russian «Transit»: search for terminal destination …28
Sergeev S. A., Salagaev A. L. New masks, old roles. The transformation of the TASSR provincial nomenclature in regional power elite of Tatarstan …41
Mukhametshin R. M. Formation of the confessional policy in Russia: Experience of Tatarstan …58
Gorbatyuk Y. S. The right to local government in the Russian conditions …73

International political processes

Farukshin M. Kh. A Fate of Federalism under Conditions of Globalization ...82  
Bolshakov A. G. Multivector foreign policy of Kyrgyzstan in the context of changes conflict in the post-soviet space …99
Prokofiev A. V. Institutional factors of transformation of political regimes of Georgia, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine (the beginning of 2000) …116
Muhametov R. S. International activity of Yushenko as president and controversial issues Russian-Ukrainian relations at the present stage …133
Lopatin D. V. Oil and gas exports in Russian-China relations: history and modern situation …141
Komleva N. A., Simons G., Strovsky D. L. Internet as a resource of a Net Based Warfare …156

Political country-specific studies

Antanovich N. A. Historical and Cultural Environment in the Nation-state Building Processes and Modern Political Development in the Republic of Belarus …176
Mihalev A. V. Russian language in political space of post-socialist Mongolia …198
Belov K. V. Social and Political aspects of Japan’s immigration policy. P. 2. …213

Political sociology

Plotichkina N. V. Political sociology of everyday life: practice concept versus frame concept …227
Zinchenko V. V. Socio-psychological dimension of political and economic transformation of society …241

The Russian Orthodox Church & Russian state

Pronyakin D. I. The national idea and national state. P. 1. Kievan Russia: myths and reality …253
Bezborodov M. I. The main principles of relations between church and state in the socio-political doctrine of the Russian Orthodox Church …276

Authors …289
Abstracts, keywords …291
Information for Authors …298

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